How are you? Fine,thank you.
 I am sorry. Excuse me.
 Hi. Bye. see you.
 I all be back soon. Welcome.
 O.K Allright
 Are you all right? I am OK.
 Who are you? I am a flower.
 I am a girl. You are a boy.
 Can you do it? Yes, I can. I can do it.
 Look at that. I found it.
 May I help you? Yes, Please. Me, too.
 Please, be quiet ! I like babies.
 Wait a minute. Please, give me. Some toilet paper.
 Where is it? I do not know.
 That is funny! What happened?
 Catch me. Please sit down.
 One,Two,Three,Four,Five Once more,please.    下一页

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