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The latest statistics show more than 70 percent of all U.S. households now have pets. They are part of the family and with summer vacations approaching, perhaps they are in line for a little extra attention and pampering.

For example, dog campers at Totally Dog Daycamp and Training for Dogs are given the run of five acres, including a bone-shaped pool where dogs can swim or be taken out for a paddle. Each morning, dogs can be seen making their way to the early-morning pickup at their houses in Pinecrest, Florida, to take them to the dog camp in Redland, which is owned by Elena Lopez de Mesa.

  Also in Florida, at the Tail End Pet Resort and Spa in Davie, feline visitors can snag a cozy perch in a poster bed. And at Plantation, Florida’s Three Dog Bakery, dogs can dig into birthday cakes and other treats, proving that many families “baby” their pets and treat them just like one of the kids.






  statistics / / n. 数据

  Statistics have shown that more youngsters are getting cancer nowadays.


  approach / / v. 接近

  She shouted when the bad guy approached her.


  pamper / / v. 娇宠

  Don’t pamper your dog. She will get spoiled.


  paddle / / n. 以手或足拍水

  She brought her kids for a paddle in the pool.


  feline / / n. 猫科动物

  Most feline animals have good hunting skill.


  perch / / n. (位置较高的)休息处

  An eagle found a perch on the rock.


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