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Pets are too porky

Pets are too porky

It's not just humans who are getting fatter - obesity is now the No1 health problem for Dogs.

Overfeeding and lack of exercise mean man's best friend is likely to share his pot belly.

And the portly pooches also risk similar illnesses, including heart disease.

A survey by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy found three quarters of members put dogs being excessively overweight as their main concern.

Just 22 per cent said car accidents were the top health hazard.

Society member Charlotte Baldwyn warned: "By far the most common concern for domestic dogs is obesity. We overfeed at meal times and tend to give titbits for our furry friends."

She added: "As in humans, being overweight is not only a cardiovascular danger, it also puts unnecessary strain on joints and ligaments."

"Compounding this with reduced exercise can lead to poor muscle tone and poor fitness."

She also mentioned how bull mastiff Georgina had ballooned to 10?st after developing a taste for curries as an example.The pet has been put on a diet in Darwen, Lancs.










她还提到一只名叫乔治亚娜的大驯犬,由于爱上了咖喱口味的食物而象吹气球一般猛增了10.5英石(147磅), 目前这只狗正在兰开斯特的达温进行减肥瘦身。

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