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Motivation My English professor once launched into a lecture on "motivation"."What pushes you ahead ?"he asked ."what is it that makes you go to school each day?"What driving force makes you strive to accomplish?"Turning suddenly to one student,he demanded:"What makes you get out of bed in the morning"the student replied:"my mother" <参考译文> 我们英文课的教师有一次在课上讲“动机”。“是什么推动你在人生的路上向前走?”他问道,“是什么让你每天上学来?又是什么驱使你追求成功?”冲着一个学生,他问:“是什么让你早晨从床上爬起来的呢?”学生答道:“我妈妈。” 《注释》 1.launch into 开始做 2.motivation动力 3.driving force 动力 4.demand 询问 5.strive to 努力 6.what makes you……?什么令你……?

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